Exploring New Leader Skills in

The Artificial Intelligence and the Digital Age 

Healthcare News Media is on fire with rich information on #Artificial Intelligence (AI), i.e, machine learning, as the wave of the future, to enhance the patient experience and optimize healthcare outcomes.

How will we prepare the leaders of today for the AI of the future?

Integrating AI into your portfolio will be critical to resiliency and success in this new wave of healthcare technology.


Key competencies are:


  • Change Leadership Skills

  • Healthcare Informatics

  • Systems Interoperability Capabilities

  • Predictive Data Analytics

  • Risk Mitigation

  • Complex Systems Thinking

  • Emotional Intelligence

Healthcare organizations should build competency frameworks into their culture, systems, policies, and processes so that leaders can be successful riding the wave of the future.

Learn how you can partner with Match Healthcare Technology Experts to improve your teams competency in this new wave.    info@matchhealthcare.com

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