I started Match Healthcare Design and Innovation in 2010, partnering with healthcare leaders and patients to improve quality and efficiency, involving people, process and outcomes. Our vision is to be a recognized leader in creating and maintaining high reliability in healthcare organizations; restoring health to healthcare and ensuring a healthier tomorrow, together globally.


Based on years of research and experience, we developed The Restoration Healthcare Design Model.  A scientific, evidenced based model that matches critical factors in Lean Methodology, Chaos Theory, Human Engineering and proven Quality Improvement Strategies to High Reliability. These critical elements are the actual DNA of high reliability in healthcare. 

With a team of industry experts, we offer a wide range of healthcare quality and patient safety consulting solutions, supported by the Restoration Healthcare Design Model. Our consultants quickly identify waste, redundancy, and streamline operations focusing on the people, process, environment, structure, culture and outcomes.  This scientific approach creates a foundation for ensuring and sustaining high reliability.

Each day, there are defects in our healthcare system that result in injury to patients.  There are also thousands of healthcare providers who are leaving the business due to burnout and fatigue.  Despite improvements in outcomes over the last 10 to 15 years, we still have much work to do and rarely can we attest to 100% confidence in our health system to safeguard our family; even in our own health systems.


Who is your family member to protect from a healthcare associated condition?

To what extent are your investing in your teams skill and knowledge to keep your patient's safe.

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