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Patient Navigators

Navigating our Family to Achieve Optimal Health Outcomes

Senior Physiotherapy

Healthcare providers are frequently asked on a personal level to assist others in resolving complex medical issues or for advice on where to seek treatment. 

Patients often wish they had someone to assist in resolving the same complex issues and unfortunately sometimes the patient falls through the "cracks" in an often-fragmented system.


IIn a published study, 329 high risks for readmission patients failed to comply with medications due to socioeconomic issues, with transportation barriers being the biggest. Nurses navigated these high-risk patients to important resources and provided healthcare education.

After a year and a half, the Nurse Navigators were able to successfully reduce readmission rates and improve medication compliance in these high-risk patients.  Incidentally, patient and staff satisfaction increased during the period the nurse navigators were implemented. 

Match Healthcare Design and Innovation Patient Navigators partner with patients based on individualized specific medical needs and specialize in those at greatest risk for hospital readmission and ER return visits.


Our Navigators can also assist with:

  • Appointment scheduling & connection to the Patient Portal

  • Remote in-home monitoring services

  • Explaining Tests or Procedures and why the doctor ordered the procedure.

  • Work with Insurance Companies to ensure coverage & resolve billing issues for a test or procedure.

  • Connect to community resources such as public utilities, home health, skilled nursing facilities. 

  • Connect patients to reliable and affordable transportation to and from appointments.

  • Understanding and resolving medical billing issues, appeals denials, and reviews utilization patterns. 

  • Reviewing medical records, and clarifying understanding.

  • Ensuring the right treatment, at the right time with the right provider.

Nurse and Patient Navigation is a proven strategy to reduce avoidable readmission, improve patient satisfaction and quality outcomes.

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