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Thrive VR: Connecting Loved Ones, Despite Covid-19

Thrive VR, leverages a virtual platform using 3 dimensional technology to immerse participants in their desired travel destination, activity and create shared spaces with loved ones.

Covid-19 has limited the precious time for family members and loved ones, especially in long term care facilities and nursing homes. The Florida Dept. of Health and research studies reveal depression and failure to thrive in older adults who are isolated from loved ones. With Thrive VR , participants can celebrate with others in parties, meetings, training and travel. Loved ones can share in the joy, see each others faces up close, connect in the same room and reach out and touch one another, in a virtual setting.

  • Connect with others; transform your dream or desire into a virtual reality, hearing the sounds, travel and share in the joy and laughter with family.

  • Organizations can utilize Thrive VR for staff training, meetings and celebrations.

  • Leverage the virtual environment for simulation training in mechanics, fitness and other activities.

  • Celebrate your dreams by making them a reality in virtual reality.

Match Healthcare Design and Innovation, making dreams a reality through VR, powered by Bright Spyder Technologies.

For a free consultation and more information, email

Dr. Elizabeth Adams

Chief Executive Officer


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