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Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Immersed in the Learning Experience

Thrive VR immerses the learner in a live or simulated virtual environment with hands on capability, empirical knowledge transfer, skill competency and enhanced communication. In a time of social distancing, limited resources and distractions from quality and safety standards, VR technology offers a conveinant, fun and enhanced cognitive learning environment. 

Virtual reality can be used to enhance learning and engagement. VR education can transform the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of creating a virtual world, one that engages the learning through clinical, business and technical experiences such as donning and doffing PPE, Code Blue Simulation, IV insertions, and active shooter drills. Learners can experience the full event, and interact with it. They are motivated by the ability to live the experience and this makes learning fun.   Many users find the experience to be very real, and more engaging than reading a book or watching a video.  Being able to visualize complex functions or mechanisms makes them easier to comprehend, and retain cognitive content.

With VR, distance learning tools can put educators and students together in the same room with digital representations of themselves — teachers can teleport into the VR world and guide students through their experiences.

Learning scenarios are developed in partnership with the client and are available for small, large, and complex educational platforms.  We equip the client with all of the tools necessary to implement a robust VR package of simulation programs.  Our development team can configure the learning simulations based on your needs.  We also offer a monthly maintenance program for new content development or fee for service. 

Check out the following VR apps:



Don and Doff PPE

Medical VR 360

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