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VirtualReality Creates a Space for Love, Connection & Memory Care


In the midst of Covid-19, healthcare organizations report patients are suffering from failure to thrive from social isolation and a lack of family or friend visitation.  Failure to thrive is a condition that results in a lack of interest in food, drink, and activities, such as bathing and interactions with their environment.  People with this disorder basically waste away and it can result in death.  

The use of virtual reality glasses has proven to increase happiness, activity levels, and improve memory.  Research conducted in this area demonstrates that when older adults wear the glasses they have better recall of long term events, and can make connections to events and people in their lives. 

Our clinical team interfaces with your representative to identify the need for VR based on size of participants, scope of service needed and the desired goal to achieve.  We then form an individualized plan for service delivery, and our technical and clinical team partners in onsite delivery, set up and education on use.  

Clients can choose from a specific one time group session, number of sessions or focused ongoing memory therapy program. You can also choose a monthly program of available VR sessions.  Pricing is base on the plan and scope of services.  Call today for a discussion on how VR can create a meaningful and therapeutic experience for your clients. 

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