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Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Connections 

Imagine being with your loved one, despite Covid-19. 

Thrive VR Technology immerses you in an experience that connects you to people, places and events, creating relaxation and sheer happiness.

Thrive VR creates a space for you to communicate with your loved one as if you are with them in the same room, touching their face, and hearing their voice, or immerses you in your favorite vacation location. 

Patient and Family Visits:  

According to research, elderly patients isolated from loved ones in long term care facilities and nursing homes suffer from depression, and failure to thrive. Thrive VR provides an opportunity for participants to travel to remote locations, participate in the exercise, family activities, and share with loved ones.  Thrive VR offers live real-time encounters such as parties, weddings, reunions, birthdays, and bar mitzvah’s, Your dream or desire can become a reality through VR technology.  


Virtual reality (VR) is a software-created artificial environment that stimulates the senses and creates a personal immersion into the experience.  Participants often express joy, excitement, and better health outcomes. 

The VR experience has been shown to leave a memorable and exciting impression on people who have immersed themselves in it exponentially more so than if they had just been presented with static 2-D images or videos. This has been shown to help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Education in VR:

VR facilitates 3-dimensional training for employees.  Training can include hands-on simulation, environmental awareness, critical thinking, and skill-based learning, all remote, individualized, or in group settings.  

Imagine VR in Recruitment, Sales, Marketing, Home Search, and Travel; your dream escape re-imagined! 

Match Healthcare provides the technology supported by BrightSpyder Technologies and facilitates experience and education.  


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