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Secret Shopper Services

Secret shopping is fact-based and truthful, making it the best way to understand your organization from your patient’s point of view. Our highly qualified field evaluation experts think, act, and shop like your patients as a patient sample. Because of this, secret shopping offers the most objective way to measure patient experience.

  • Challenging organizational assumptions about the patient experience

  • Improving patient satisfaction

  • Clarifying corporate / executive expectations

  • Recognizing exceptional performance

  • Improving operational strategies, processes, quality assurance and training procedures.

Understand how patients experience the services at your facility.

  • What really happens when your patients call, click, or visit you?

  • Does their experience align with your operational objectives?

  • Does it exceed their expectations?

Make sure you’re getting a positive return on investment in your people, training initiatives, and incentive programs.

Ensure your brand creates exceptional customer experiences that result in brand advocates and loyal patients. Match Healthcare provides measurable ROI (Return On Investment) with our detailed secret shopper reporting insights to validate your services and incentives.

Find out exactly what it's like on the front lines

Match Healthcare’s secret shopping solutions will identify opportunities for your organization. Exactly why are some associates more effective than others? Specifically, why would your patients choose you or a competitor? We bring you concrete, detailed answers to the questions you have about your organization's performance.


Take action and affect change in your organization

Our secret shopping programs bring you detailed information about a customer’s experience as if you were actually there. But we don’t stop there. Match Healthcare goes beyond mere data collection by helping you understand what it means and how to use it to improve. We help you create a real and effective plan of action to help your organization go from good to great.


See your organization from all angles

Match Healthcare provides comprehensive secret shopping services to allow you to see your organization from all the ways your patients do. Along with our secret shopping programs outlined below, Match Healthcare offers additional services to give you a fresh perspective on your business.

Our Voice of Customer tools let you engage with actual patients to understand how they think and feel about your facility and staff.

Compliance audits keep your organization in check by ensuring adherence to regulatory guidelines and brand standards across your locations.


We’ll work with you to put together the right solution for your organization.

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