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Restoration Healthcare Design Model

Restoration Healthcare Design Model

Restoration Healthcare Design Model restores the health in healthcare through a scientific strategic approach,

utilizing Lean Methods, Quality Improvement Strategies, Human Engineering, and Chaos Theory.

This complex scientific approach considers the People, Process, Environment, and Culture to ensure

sustainable Quality Improvement Outcomes.

Unfortunately, many organizations experience a Sentinel Event where a patient suffers death or serious harm.

They implement an action plan that seems very appropriate to keep their patient's safe but

then a year or 6 months later, the same event occurs or results in a near miss. What I have seen over the

last 30 years of leading and practicing in the clinical environment is organizations fail to consider and evaluate the critical elements that encompass the Restoration Healthcare Design Model.

There needs to be a strong infrastructure for safety that is built on key concepts that include the People, Process, Environment and Culture; without a strong foundation, the infrastructure becomes weak over time until a serious patient safety event occurs, and impacts someone's child or loved one.

Match Healthcare Design and Innovation is committed to improve quality outcomes in healthcare, by

partnering in innovation & utilizing a humanitarian approach; creating a healthier tomorrow, together globally.

We donate 1% of our profit to the charity of our clients choice and are guided by trusted expert advisors,

who share in our mission and vision.

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