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What's wrong with this picture, Wednesday's?

Did you know the following stats (human lives) are impacted by catheter-associated infections each year?

With an aging population well into the 100-year-old range, and with complex conditions and co-morbidities, our family members are at greater healthcare risk. More than ever, our healthcare teams need to ensure the highest level of quality, compassionate and efficient care.


There is a 10% mortality rate

Over 190000 deaths per year

10M associated doctor visits

Up to 69% of CAUTIs are preventable

Up to 380,000 infections are preventable

The related cost of CAUTI can exceed $10K per patient

Organizations can ensure the prevention of CAUTI with strict adherence to the following:

  1. Ensure rigorous adherence to insertion guidelines with compliance monitoring

  2. Adherence to CAUTI prevention bundles

  3. Early removal of catheters with guidelines & shift by shift monitoring for removal

  4. Bladder management programs & early voiding trials

  5. Use of external catheters vs. internal

  6. Avoid prolonged hospital length of stay

  7. Avoid associated candida and other nosocomial (hospital-acquired) infections

  8. Increased mobility

  9. Strict adherence to maintenance guidelines & amazing peri careRobust tools are available to support organizational safety

  10. Validate competency of insertion and maintenance for new hires and on annual basis

  11. Monitor care daily through leader rounding, observation of insertion, and sampling

  12. Ensure a strong antimicrobial stewardship program

  13. Create collaborative partnerships to test, maintain, and avoid indwelling catheters.

There are great tools available to prevent CAUTIs:

For more information, or onsite surveillance program, reach out at 352-651-2892


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