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Are you maximizing your merit-based incentive performance potential?

Under the Medicare merit-based incentive payment system (MIPS), performance in patient experience, efficiency, and clinical outcomes influence reimbursement. Maximize your potential performance-based reimbursement through in-depth, critical analysis by unbiased healthcare evaluators, also known as Secret Shoppers. 

Our highly qualified healthcare evaluators, also known as Secret Shoppers think, act, and shop like your patients, as a patient sample. Because of this, secret shopping offers the most objective way to measure patient experience, quality of services, and efficiency. 

Key benefits include: 

  • Challenging organizational assumptions about the patient experience

  • Improving patient satisfaction

  • Clarifying corporate/executive expectations

  • Recognizing exceptional performance

  • Improve operational strategies, processes, quality assurance, and training procedures.

​Understand how patients experience the services at your facility.

  • What happens when your patients call, click, or visit you?

  • Does their experience align with your operational objectives?

  • Does it exceed their expectations?

  • What is your patient leakage rate to other providers?

  • Do your patients value and trust in the service?

Match Healthcare Service Evaluators/Secret Shoppers stand ready to provide you with objective feedback to maximize your patient experience and reimbursement potential.

Call now to start maximizing your reimbursement opportunity.

MatchHealthcare partners with healthcare providers and key stakeholders.   Always check with your hore making medical decisions. 


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